The winged beast lived first. He flew through chaos of light and dark. He preferred the dark so he separated the two. The winged beast of darkness was content. The light side was empty. So Utu created another beast. This creature has no wings, or legs, but had a tongue and fangs of great length. It slithered through the clear white air. The beasts stayed on their own sides of the torn sky and all was peaceful for eras. The winged beast became bored in his dark realm and began creating rocks with plants and little creatures from his skin and feathers. He gave them life from his blood. The beast of light became jealous and plotted to kill the dark beast. Soon the dark realm was full of rocks with little beasts and plants of all sizes and colors. The beast of light stole a rock from the dark realm and hid himself with it. He moved back into the realm of darkness and waited. Utu was angered by the beast of light's betrayal and made the rock he hid within glow bright with light. The beast of light cried out to Utu in anger for exposing him and Utu punished him by trapping him there for eternity. The beast of darkness laughed and taunted the beast of light and split him into tiny pieces, so that all of the dark beast's creatures could witness the foolishness of the beast of light.


The winged beast of dark took special interest in one of his rocks. He made a forest of green and red plants. He made a special creature to live in the forest and he made sure this creature was protected by a massive beast chained at the entrance to the forest. The special creature did not know much of his creator, but the special creature wished for better company than the vile guard beast or his unspeaking creator. The winged of dark created another special creature to satisfy the first special creature. The two creatures lived in the forest but soon wished to leave. The winged beast of dark punished the special creatures for being so ungrateful. He set the massive guardian beast free and it left into the wild forests full of monsters. He left the rock of the special creatures forever, never returning. The two special creatures were joyful with their freedom. They explored and learned that using water, mud, and fire they could forge more creatures like themselves. Soon the rock was filled with special creatures and monsters. The monsters hunted the special creatures. The first special creature ruled over all the others. He called his people 'Aqerras' and he called the forest monsters 'arbians'. The Aqerras soon has to stay out of the forests and caves so the arbians didn't eat them. They built castles of rocks and mud. Great walls to keep the arbians away. Soon the arbians rarely travelled out of the forests and caves and stayed in the darkness. The shaded world was separated from the exposed castle walls of the Aquerras. Eventually the Aqerras forgot the arbians existed and lived without worry in their walls. All the oldest Aqerras died and all the sons forgot their fathers' memories. The Aqerras formed stories and wrote books about the winged beast. They called him 'El'. Ages passed and he too was forgotten. The winged beast of darkness forgot the rock and Utu forgot as well. The Aqerras began giving worship to the rock of light in the distant reaches of their sight. They called it 'El'. The winged beast of darkness returned and saw his creations worshipping and giving thanks to the trapped beast of light. He was angered and condemned them all to an eternity of scorching heat and light followed by cold and dark. He cursed them to disease from the water he used to create them. He cursed them to be burned by the very rock of light they worshipped. He then cursed them to be able to learn of the impurities and evils they held within themselves. He gave them an instinct for hate toward those unlike themselves and then made them all look and act differently so they would war and hate forever. The winged beast of darkness gave the rock of light a limited existence and left the rock forever.


There was once an Aqerra who was named. He has three sons who he named after himself. He had a fourth son who he named a unique name. The other sons made fun of the unique one. They never played with him or talked to him except to make fun of him. The father never disciplined the sons for this. One day the unique son killed all the other sons out of anger. His father asked him why he did it and he killed his father as well. The unique son lived happily and started a new family. He named each of his sons after himself.


There was once an Aqerra who was scared of everything. He never left his mud hut. He had nightmares all the time and never left his mud hut. He cried sometimes but also laughed and never left his mud hut. He had many children but never left his mud hut. This was all about him.


There was once an Aqerra who was walking through the forest. A massive beast stood before him in the path. It had a chain around its neck as thick as the Aqerra's body. The beast roared and the Aqerra turned to run and was crushed alive. Another Aqerra met the monster and when it reared he turned to run. The monster crushed the Aqerra. Another Aqerra met the monster and when the monster roared, the Aqerra did not turn and run. The monster was puzzled. The Aqerra was brave and walked past the monstrous beast. The beast crushed him alive.


Once there was a great storm. It rained for nine days. Every animal drowned. All of the rocks survived. The sky opened and new animals fell but died because they had no wings. The rocks lived. The sky opened again years later. New animals fell down with wings and they lived. The rocks owned the ground and the animals owned the sky.


There were two rocks. One was happy and one was sad. The sad rock made the happy rock sad. The sad rock was cast into flames and melted. The happy rock was happy. The sad rock was gone.